Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Louis Vuitton Valentine's Day 2010 catalog: Women

Because it's all about the Louis (Vuitton) . . . . Enjoy!

Stand by Me Ring PM in Yellow Gold, US$1110. Stand by Me Necklace, US$1550. Stand by Me Ring GM in Yellow Gold, US$1640.

Monogram Vernis Sarah Wallet, US$660. Animania Ecureuil Bag Charm, US$340.
Oh my... Drouling....
I alreay have the Sarah Wallet in Blue galactic - from last year- would it be terrible if I buy one more in one of these colours.

Monogram Vernis Wilshire Boulevard, US$825. Monogram Vernis French Purse, US$740. Comete Bandeau, US$150. Soupçon Nude GM, US$560.

Silvania Bracelet GM, US$420. Silvania Bracelet PM, US$310. Inclusion Bracelet (small), US$310. Inclusion Bracelet (large), US$420.
I absolutely have to get one of these bracelets one day...

Monogram Vernis Rodeo Drive, US$1130. Lock N'Roll Necklace, US$550. Bandeau Bijou, US$240. LVoe the rock&roll pieces!!!!

Monogram Vernis Octagone Belt.

Save It Bracelet, US$360. Bloom It Bracelet, US$265. LVoe them!!!!!!!!! and the price as well.... ;)

Monogram Odéon PM, US$715. Daisy Sunglasses, US$560.

Monogram Vernis Alma MM, US$2,010. Monogram Vernis Alma BB, US$1000. Naif Key Holder, US$375.

Monogram Vernis Alma PM, US$1,480. I'm soooo LVoeing the PM size!!!!!

Monogram Neverfull MM, US$700. Animania Lapin Bag Charm, US$340. Gina Sunglasses, US$530.

Padlock and Keys Charm Bracelet in Yellow Gold, US$10,300. Paved Heart Charm in Yellow Gold, US$6,550. I Love You Notebook Charm in Yellow Gold, US$3,350. Typewriter Charm in Yellow Gold with Diamonds, US$6,550. Pen Charm in Yellow Gold, US$4,580. Bottle Charm in Yellow Gold, US$4,580. Large Heart Charm in Yellow Gold, US$4,580. Photo Frame Charm in Yellow Gold.

Les Craquantes Pendant & Chain with Sapphire, US$3600. Small Les Craquantes Ring with Sapphire, US$4,420. Les Craquantes Earrings with Sapphire, US$2,780.

Tambour Fizzy Heart Watch with Diamonds. Tambour Bijou Black, US$4,010.

Monogram Josephine Wallet, US$390. Ohh nice... New entry! LVoe the folder-like style and the button-detail!!!

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