Thursday, October 1, 2009

Louis Vuitton Global Store, The Dubai Mall

Celebrating the launch its first global store opening in Dubai Mall, Louis Vuitton has created five stunning pieces exclusively available in the said store starting on the second week of October. Damien Vernet, Louis Vuitton GM for Middle East and India explains, "Each of the stunning pieces perfectly personify Dubai's fabulous sense of style, high glamour and thirst for exceptional quality and exclusivity, with gold as a prevalent theme." Each gorgeous piece surely reflects the opulence and grandeur of the Middle East.

Monogram Miroir Summit Drive. Etoile Glitter Shine Scarf.

Diamond-encrusted Tambour Forever. Beaded Tunic. Embellished Satin Strap Pumps.

Here's an excerpt from an article from Grazia Dubai:

'So what exactly can we look forward to when the collection arrives in stores mid-October? First up are the Soulier shoes. Staniding 9cm-high, the rich rouge satin straps and glitzy gold monogram detail, as well as the stone embellishment reflet the opulence of the Middle East, as does the bead work on the ready-to-wear tunic, available in burgundy and navy blue. Here at Grazia, we'll be working the Glitter Shine scarf into our winter wardrobe and we're guessing the Summit Drive city bag will be a sure-fire winner with abaya-wearing fashionistas. As for the more cash happy Dubai-dwellers? The Dhs310,000 diamond-encrusted Tambour Forever watch. Well, it doesn't really get any more Dubai than that, now does it?'

So to my readers living in Dubai, what are you planning to get? LVMode is getting the Miroir Summit Drive, and she's in Australia! :p Special thanks to LoVer for the info and photos.

Louis Vuitton
The Dubai Mall
PO Box 29948
Dubai 29948
United Arab Emirates
Tel.: +971 4 3308060
Fax: +971 4 3308252

Clearer photos of the shoe and Summit Drive after the jump...

Images via Grazia Dubai, c/o LoVer<, Ahlan Live/span>

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