Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Louis Vuitton Deauville Neverfull

Another store this time in Deuville has gotten a facial lift. Renamed the Villa Vuitton, the 960-square-foot boutique is typical of Normandy architecture and carries accessories and leather goods over two floors.

To celebrate the opening Louis Vuitton launched a limited edition Neverfull bag with “Deauville” written in purple on the front with matching interior stripes.

The Louis Vuitton “Deauville” Neverfull is only available at the Villa Vuitton in Deauville. Image via WWD

We are waiting to see the results of the facial lift at the store here in Thessaloniki,Greece!
Do you think a limited edition of Thessaloniki Neverfull could ever happen??
*Sign* Let's hope so... Soo do we know anyone in Deuville?? ;)

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